Fall 2020 Digital Portfolio

Course Learning Outcomes

  1. Explore various professional learning networks to research uses of technology in classroom settings that best meet the academic and developmental skills of P-12 students in the 21st

  2. Evaluate and utilize appropriate technology in content-area instruction to maximize student learning and motivation.

  3. Effectively instruct students to use technology in a manner that promotes ownership of their learning based on their varied developmental and academic needs.

  4. Model and instruct the effective use of digital literacy and digital fluency in the classroom.

  5. Apply appropriate technology tools to develop a strong professional identity that supports data analysis and communication with families and community.

  6. Create a professional digital portfolio that demonstrates a collection of creative works as well as reflection of growth as related to specific skills.

Essential Questions

  1. How can I become mentally prepared for this learning?

  2. How does classroom/school culture affect student learning?

  3. How can I schedule my time to complete my research proposal?

  4. What are the main objectives of a literature review?

  5. Why is Institutional Review necessary for research?

  6. What are the components of engaged teaching?

  7. How can schools use the Colorado Resource Guide for Deepening the Understanding of Teachers’ Professional Practice for professional development?

  8. What is the difference between formative and summative assessments?